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Guide To Play 1.75 Asian Handicap in Football Betting

If you're a professional bettor, you're probably familiar with the concept of the 1.75 Asian Handicap, right? This is a very popular type of bet and is favored by betting enthusiasts. However, there are still many newcomers who don't really understand this type of football betting. That's why, follow the article below for Wintips to help you understand free vip soccer tips today more about the 1.75 handicap bet as well as secure your winnings when participating in football betting analysis.

Detailed Explanation of the 1.75 Handicap Odds

In addition to handicaps like 1, 1.5, or 1.25, the 1.75 handicap is also a quite common Asian Handicap. And it's the most basic and easiest type of bet in football betting.

When looking at the odds table, you may see the 1.75 handicap represented in various forms such as 1 ¾ or 1.5-2. Although they have different ways of writing, fundamentally they all have the same understanding and way of playing.

With this handicap, the favored team will give a 1.75 goal handicap to the underdog team. So, a match with a 1.75 handicap will have three possible outcomes:

If the favored team wins by a margin of 3 goals or more, those betting on the favored team will win the full amount wagered. Meanwhile, betting on the underdog team will lose all the money wagered.

If the favored team wins by a 2-goal margin, those betting on the favored team will win half the amount wagered, while those betting on the underdog team will lose half the amount wagered.

In the case of the favored team winning by a 1-goal margin or the underdog team drawing or winning, those betting on the underdog team will win the bet, while those betting on the favored team will lose all the wagered money.

Illustrative Example of 1.75 Handicap Betting Odds

For instance, in a match between Liverpool vs West Ham. The bookmaker sets the handicap as Liverpool giving West Ham a 1.75 goal handicap, with the odds for the favored team at 0.95 and the odds for the underdog team at 0.97. So, if a player bets $100 on Liverpool, the following scenarios may occur:

If Liverpool wins over West Ham by a margin of three goals or more, you will win the bet and receive a total payout of $195 (0.95×100+100).

If Liverpool wins over West Ham by a 2-goal margin, you will win half the amount and receive $147.5 (100+100×0.95×0.5).

In the case of Liverpool winning by a 1-goal margin, drawing, or losing to West Ham, you will lose the initial $100 wagered."

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Comparison between the 1.75 handicap and the 1.5 handicap:

In the 1.5 handicap betting odds, players will only have two outcomes: win full stake or lose full stake. Whereas in the 1.75 handicap betting odds, there are additional possibilities of losing half stake or winning half stake. Therefore, this handicap ratio will be more complex in calculating winning or losing money.

For this reason, before engaging in analyzing the 1.75 handicap, you should take the time to carefully consider how the bookmaker sets the odds. Also, it's crucial to adjust betting odds and read the odds board accurately to make the most informed judgments!

Winning Tips for Success in 1.75 Handicap Betting for Beginners:

To win in 1.75 handicap football betting, players should consider choosing teams that are more offensive compared to their opponents. Because, with this handicap, the favored team must win by a margin of at least 3 goals to win the bet.

Below are some effective tips for analyzing handicaps shared by seasoned experts:

Place your bet on the underdog team if they are playing at home. Additionally, you can trust this bet if the underdog team has a strong, efficient attack and a high goal-scoring performance in recent matches.

For handicap odds of 1.75 with odds around 0.8 or higher, and the odds fluctuate continuously before the match. Especially around 30 minutes before kick-off, our experience suggests betting on the home team.

For the most accurate predictions and insights, you cannot overlook researching pre-match information. This information will help you identify which team is strong, which team is weak, and the winning chances of each team.

For added certainty when analyzing the 1.75 handicap, you can let the match unfold for about 10-15 minutes, then start betting based on the lineup and playing style of both teams.

Above are all the detailed information betting tips app about the 1.75 handicap that Wintips wants to share with you. Hopefully, these insights have helped you understand more about this interesting type of bet. Good luck to you all!


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